Monday, October 19, 2009

the J and J party - marking the moment

It's Monday morning. I think this will be my blogging day, so here we go.

I want to show you an example of marking the moment. This story hasn't happened yet, but it will and is inspired by the Julia and Julie movie.

When I mentioned in the first blog that a group of women saw the movie together, I neglected to mention that this group has been together as a women's study group for more than ten years. We had never seen a movie together in a theater, as we mostly study books meeting in our own homes. Two of our women have their birthdays in November and they are big ones this year - worthy of a celebration. About thirty years ago I gave Julia's cookbook to one of these gals as a gift. We are now going to refer to that book and design a 'Julie and Julia' party for our friends. We will use the recipes and dress in the 50's. This is the bones of the evening - I am sure more will unfold. We are planning on giving each birthday woman an amaryllis to watch grow through the holidays.
This particular celebration is like a theme party, capturing a moment in time that we shared with the movie and transposing it into our dinner gathering. As this blog emerges I will be offering more ideas for birthday celebrations with your friends and family - as well as holiday ideas that will help you move from commercial frenzy to a more basic giving from the heart. This birthday example is a fun way to get us started. I'll keep you posted as it happens - maybe even get a picture of our feast.

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