Friday, October 23, 2009

Trick or Treat

Next week is Halloween. I don't have kids at home anymore, but I remember every year trying to decide the candy issues. Everyone knows that parents hate all the sugar. Everyone knows the kids love it. I think the dressing up part is creative and fun, so during the years our kids were home and trick or treating, we made some compromises that worked for us.

We live in a rural community, so finding people off the grid is easy. For those of you in town, you could still use the principle and find people that may not ordinarily get kids coming to their houses.

The week before Halloween we would sit down and make a list of people who wouldn't usually get a trick or treater. We have friends out in the woods who seldom had a guest. We would choose maybe 6-8 sites. Sometimes I would call ahead to warn then to have some treats, as they would be in shock the first time. Then my husband and I would put the kids in the car and make the trek to all the houses on the list. People were thrilled to have a visitor. Our kids felt like they had a special outing and the candy was minimized. Everyone was happy.
We marked the moment in kind of a different way and it was more meaningful to us than going into town and letting the kids roam the streets where they didn't know anyone. Be creative with your children. You will find what works for you and may limit the sugar content and even add something special to the holiday.
Happy trick or treating!

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