Friday, October 16, 2009

The Very First

Hello: My name is Paula Pugh. I am hoping we'll become acquainted as this blog unfolds. At the moment I want to tell you how I finally got the nerve to start this blog project. It is a kind of strange and funny story.

A couple of weeks ago, as I had been thinking about the blog, a group of women friends and I decided to go see the movie Julie and Julia. There were a couple of things about that movie that totally inspired me in finally move into action.

The first was when Julie started her own blog. She just sat down and started. I decided that was what I needed to do - just sit down and do it. The fact that no one even responded to hers for weeks was actually encouraging to me, because I felt that would give me time to get to hang of this commitment. Just about the time I was going to start. my computer went down for a week and a half - go figure! What did the universe have to tell me about this project? The computer is fixed and we are up and running. I even figured out how to add some sketches!

The second part of the movie that grabbed me was Julia's persistence with her book project. She didn't give up. She kept working on it until finally someone understood her passion and picked it up for publication.

I am inspired by her dedication as I have a book project underway that is taking a long time to find its proper expression. This blog is called Mark the Moment, which is the name of the project - a book to help people re-create holidays, birthdays, anniversaries and times in our lives when we need and want to celebration or acknowledgement a special occason As this blog continues, my intention is to show you what people have done in their lives to add meaning, not money, to their lives. Stories, like Julie and Julia's, inspire all of us to do our best, find our passions and act on them.

I am hoping that this blog will help you along the path. Together we will explore ways to express ourselves and honor our friends and family. My wish and dream is that this message will move out into the world enough so that we can share these moments.
As we get going in this informal way, I will tell you more about myself and begin to give you stories and observations about how all of us can add dimension to our lives by being leaders and innovators. Please share your stories, as together we will encourage ourselves and others to make our lives more connected and meaningful. As we move on, you will begin to understand more what this is about. Just stick with me.
We have now started - sometimes that is the hardest part.
Mark the Moment is officially launched!!!

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