Monday, November 2, 2009

All Saint's Day

Yesterday in church, we celebrated All Saint's Day - where we honor those who have passed on this last year. Although there is a long tradition of this celebration world wide, our country has not embraced this holiday. Have you ever received a Hallmark All Saint's Day card?

So yesterday six small votive candles were placed on the alter. They represented six of our congregation members who had died this last year. As part of the service, a woman read a short bio of each of them as their candle was lit. This isn't an elaborate or complicated procedure, but it touched me as I had known all the people. I was glad to be reminded of their lives and what they had meant to me.

I have decided to take that model and apply for me. I am going to keep a list on my calendar of people close to me who die this year. When next All Saint's Day comes, I will have this list to refer to, put out a candle for each of them in our house, and spend a few minutes reflecting on what they meant to me. For me it isn't gruesome, as death is a natural passage. We all affect each other and I want to relish the gifts these people left on this earth.

This is one small place where meaningful moments are found. They are tucked away in the cornors of our lives, eager to find their way into the world to make our lives richer and fuller. Be aware and you too will welcome surprising, simple, economic ways to celebrate.

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