Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Bracelets of Love and Support

About two years ago my lovely friend Teresa was diagnosed with cancer. She lives in Denver and I live in the Northwest. She needed treatment which included surgery, chemo and radiation that would take place over the course of a year. I was wondering how I could support her when I lived such a long ways away.

After thinking about the situation, and talking to a couple of mutual friends, three of us decided to make beaded bracelets for Teresa. They aren't hard to make. They are pretty and fun to wear. I asked Teresa if this was something she would like, and she said that she would. We each made twelve bracelets - one to wear ourselves and the other eleven to send to Teresa to pass out. Thirty three bracelets found new homes in Teresa's circle of friends and family. Everyone wearing the bracelet was asked to keep Teresa in their thoughts and prayers as she proceeded through her treatment.

My bracelet was blue and green. I wore it everyday for a year and half before it broke. I think I was thinking about this story because I miss the bracelet. I had Teresa with me for that entire time as her spirit spoke to me through the little beads. I thought I wanted a replacement, but the energy that came with that one ca't be replaced. My wrist is empty at the moment.
The good news is that Teresa came through all the treatment and is doing fine - maybe our little bracelets helped remind people to think of her - which we know probably helped in her healing process. At least it helped me because I felt like I was doing someting proactive. I am not quite sure how this interconnectedness works, but it is certainly worth a try, in case it makes a difference.

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