Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Recently I had a friend who was diagnosed with a rare lymphoma cancer. She is a longtime teacher at one of our local schools. Because of the health issues she needed to take some time away from school. She asked for two quarters off in order to complete her treatment plan, think about what was happening and regroup.

The teachers at the school must have gone through some sort of thinking process about her. It seemed like they wanted to support her through the health struggle and the decision to take a leave of absence. There were lots of teachers and how would they do this?

My friend told me about her last day at school - how she was called into the office at the end of the day via loud speaker. When she arrived all the staff was there, complete with janitors. The group had bought a large basket and every one contributed something to the basket that would feed her, pamper her, entertain her and clothe her. She was overwhelmed, but tickled, at this outpouring of support and concern. She knew the staff was on her side looking toward a good recovery.

I felt this was a lovely and appropriate action to mark this moment. The basket provided a container for all to participate.Each staff member thought about what she might need or enjoy during this time away from school. Each little offering added up to make one smashing basket.

Opportunities for marking a moment abound. Be aware and when you find one, wonders can emerge. Keep your eyes open and savor the chance to create something unique. You can do it!

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