Monday, November 16, 2009

Seize the Moment

Good Morning: My neighbor Janice works at a near by nursing home. She has a resident there named Vernon who is 102 years old. Janice knows about Mark the Moment and suggested that I might want to talk to Vernon. I wasn't sure where this would all lead, but was willing to try. I went over there this morning to meet him.

Vernon is a lovely man whose eyesight is nearly gone but whose hearing and mind are excellent. He is a scientist who has published several books, so knows some about the publishing business.
We talked and I told him about my project. He made some carefully crafted comments. He told me some relevant stories about his past, then got back on track without me having to move the conversation in that direction. I was enjoying our time together.

I wasn't sure where this visit would be going. Suddenly I had an idea. I talked to Vernon about listening to books on tapes but he wasn't very interested in that. And he sits there for long periods of time alone. Maybe we could assist each other. I asked him if he would be interested in being a consultant for me. I would bring over some pieces of manuscript to read to him. We would then have something concrete to talk about. Even though connecting hearts wasn't his subject, he was very gracious about considering it. I think he is quite honest and very sympathetic so will be a valuable resource for me. I hope we will be assisting each other. We'll take it week to week and see how it goes.

This isn't so much about marking the moment, but seizing the moment - noticing opportunity and a win/win situation unfolding. I'll keep you posted on how this goes. We start next week. The Universe provides again in unbelivably creative ways!


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