Monday, November 30, 2009


You met my new older friend a couple of weeks ago, Vernon. I was over visiting with him today and we worked on my manuscript which is now called

Honoring Beginnings and Endings
How to Enrich Important Life Events

Vernon is a brilliant consultant/editor for me - and the fact that he celebrated his 103rd birthday last week makes the collaboration even more amazing.

While I was there, the staff was telling me about the his birthday party. Vernon has been living at the assisted care facility for about seven months. During that time the staff started to write down some of the clever things he said. The head staff person collected those sayings, put them into a book, and made copies for Vernon's family. At the party she read them out loud, then gave out the little booklets.

Talk about creating a meaningful moment. The caretakers tracked and recorded Vernon's remarkable comments. At the time they probably didn't know what they were going to do with them. They just realized that the sayings were precious. When the birthday arrived and they were thinking of what to do for a man who can't see, they came up with the idea of sharing Vernon's words and saving them for his family. I love this Mark the Moment story.
PS: If perchance my writing is more direct and less redundant, I am learning from Vernon who doesn't beat around the bush. He tells me as he hears it, as I read to him from the manuscript and he gives me his honest evaluation.

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