Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Birthday Activity

I want to share this story because I feel the parents invented age appropriate activities for a birthday party that were unique and fun for three year olds. By taking time to think about the child, her age, the house where the party was going to be held, the season of the year, the party ideas emerged and flowed into a memorable day for all involved.

Six children arrived at ten in the morning, when all the kids were fresh for the day. Mom set up four activity stations. First they went to a table where each child had a visor to decorate with stickers. They donned their visors and went downstairs to another station where another adult helped them pick out some sparkling temporary tattoos for their hands. They then went upstairs to a box full of pom poms. They danced around yelling and shaking the pompoms until they moved to the garage where a pinata was waiting - the pinata was made ahead by grandma and the birthday girl. Everyone had fun trying to bust open the pinata and see what was inside.

These simple activities gave the children something active and interactive to do. At age three kids need adult supervision so there were grown ups around to help at the various stations. The photo shows the birthday girl working on her visor and you can see her concentration as she is works on it.

Because each situation is different, it is important to clearly look at ideas and details ahead of time before making a plan. Some parties may be out side because it is summer. Some kids may like a pool party. Your child might love animals. Themes and activities help mark the moment. These events need not be expensive - use your creative juices to make your plan, then sit back and enjoy.

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