Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Holiday theme - Snowflakes

December 15 is already here and I am just beginning to think about the holidays. I think I am behind because we are leaving town to be with our children - a first for us - so the decorating frenzy and cookie making seems off the radar.

I was thinking about what I would do to make the holiday interesting for me IF I did something special. What came to mind is to pick a theme for the year. Perhaps a color - have everything red. Perhaps a plant - decorate with holly. Perhaps an animal - reindeer.
I was thinking about snowflakes myself. We have had such a cold spell here in the NW that snowflakes are appropriate this year. I would make snowflake cookies. Snowflake stencils on the windows. Use snowflake paper for wrapping. Wear snowflake earrings. Kids can cut them out of paper. Make sure there are snowflakes on the Christmas tree. Get some of the new snowflakes lights. When you start to think about it, there are lots of snowflake possibilities out there.

This isn't an earth shaking idea. It simply focuses energy and ideas in a playful and creative way for the season. I tend to be a bit intense, so this is a lightening up place for me to be. One can use the idea for other holidays as well. Green Valentines. Peppermint shamrocks. Easter fish. Halloween frogs. Whatever tickles your fancy. If you have some interesting ideas, please let us all know on the comments. Relax and have fun.
Happy holidays to you all.


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