Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Baby's Life Journal

I have made a journal for our grand daughter. The purpose is to give her a grandma's eye view of her life until she is 18. I started the book when she was born and each year I add 2 pages. I talk about what I remember of that year, add a photo of her and a sketch of mine. I hand made the book and was rather intimidated to start to the writing process, but I jumped in and told myself it would be what it would be. Maya was 3 recently and I sat back and enjoyed reading the previous entries. Maybe this book is for me, but I would like to think she may be excited to get it when she is 18.

Maya is going to have a new sister or brother at the end of the month. I realized it was time to find another book for the new baby. If I have one for Maya, I had better do one for the new child. I have a friend who makes books. We have picked out the paper and she is putting it together so I will be ready to write the first entry when new baby arrives in a couple of weeks.

I wasn't thinking of creating meaningful moments when I first started this project, but it came to mind as I was planning on starting another. I love to think about the child as her birthday comes round each year. Meaningful moments happen as I think about the year. It seems like the book will be a treasure when it is done. I hope so. Meanwhile I will enjoy the process.

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  1. I loved working in the kitchen this last weekend, looking over and seeing you and Maya snuggled in the big black cozy chair reading her birthday book. She was hooked and mesmerized. Precious.