Monday, January 4, 2010

"P.S. I love You"

I recently read this book - "P.S. I love You" by Cecelia Ahern and was struck by the loving and creative energy that Gerry (the dead husband) put into thinking about Holly (his surviving young wife). I was amazed by Gerry's careful planning while he was dealing with the end of his life. How could he stay connected with Holly after he was gone? How could he help her make her way without him?

When folks like Gerry have the foresight, strength and time to think about their loved ones before passing on, there is potential to bridge the gap between the living and the dead. Each person's life journey is unique and is something that we can't necessarily plan for. Yet by reading a story like this, and being aware of the potential of staying connected, amazing opportunity may present itself.

Gerry left a bundle of letters for Holly, instructing her to open them monthly and gave her a task to do for each of them. He understood her so well that he instinctively knew what she might need to help her move through her grieving and on with her life.

What struck me most was Gerry's thoughtfulness and ability to think of a creative way to help Holly. This may be a novel, but it can plant seeds for a later time for each of us. Let's keep our hearts open for opportunity in any situation - even dying.

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