Monday, February 1, 2010

Hospice Cards

I love to make greeting cards. I collect interesting paper, ribbons, glue, scissors, blank cards with envelopes, a few stamps, and I am ready to create. I usually wait to make one so that I know who I am making it for, unless I am playing and experimenting with new techniques. I love the feeling of connecting with that special person when I work with my hands and heart to let the creative force come through my fingers.
Last week one of my women's group got together to make cards for our local hospice home. Each woman brought along materials to add to my collection. For several hours we chatted, worked, and thought about the people who go to die in the home, and the people who stay with them during this transition time. We hope that if the visitors feel the need to write that we have placed cards there for them to use. Our hearts feel connected to those going through a time of transition. They know that strangers are with them during this passage.

Making cards marks moments of several levels. With the group card making and giving them away, we are reaching a out to embrace people we don't know. Making an individual card for someone we know and care for takes the experience to a place of love connection.

Buying a card and posting it in the mail, emailing a little message, writing a letter - all these are tools for making a moment with people we care about. It doesn't take much time. It does take a bit of effort. We give from our hearts and show the love we feel for others. I encourage you to reconstruct this old fashioned tradition and see what happens to you in the giving end, and others who receive.
PS the card on the left say " From the fullness of the heart, the mouth speaks."
The card on the right says "It's not the lofty sail but the unseen wind that moves the ship."

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