Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I have missed a couple of blogging Mondays due to the birth of our 2nd granddaughter. Being part of a family lineage is a strong and inspiring happening. As I was thinking about creating meaningful moments for this event, I realized that "showing up" and "being present" were the gifts that I can offer our new Isa. We were invited by our daughter to come for the birth and help out with Isa's three year old sister.

I know that in the horse world when a human has early contact with a foal, the foal then knows the smell of the that human, who becomes a part of his world. Done intentionally the practice is called imprinting. I wanted to imprint Isa with my smell, the sound of my heart beat, the sound of my voice, the feel of my arms holding her. This is perhaps more a gift to me from her than my gift to her. We were working on a bonding that will last our lifetimes.

This may sound like a small thing, but it is huge. Taking the time to be with the family, as they adjust to the changes that a new member brings and offering encouragement and help, diminishes some of the anxiety of the transition. We grandparents, aunts and uncles, are given the task and luxury to be the chosen ones who can step to the plate and help out. The benefits come in the closeness that forms between individuals - the gap closing between the generations

I hope someday you will be lucky enough to be a grandparent or special auntie, so that you too can bond with a new being and become part of her world. Together you will explore the world and see what magic appears for you to share. In order to do that you must show up and be part of her life. All sorts of meaningful moments will appear just because you are there.

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