Wednesday, March 17, 2010

celebrate NOW

Recently I ran into Marilyn at the post office. She had just attended a memorial service for a mutual friend. I had been unable to go, so asked Marilyn about it. She said it was great, except for the fact that our friend had passed on and wasn't there to to hear the stories and love poured out for her. That made Marilyn sad. She said we need to CELEBRATE NOW, before we are dead.

Her suggestion is to gather a group of like minded close friends and start a Celebration Group - pick a day once a year, choose a person still alive and celebrate her. If they started soon most everyone would get at least one round before they died.

After our encounter the thought stayed with me. Why do we wait for a person to die? Why don't we celebrate alive days for no other reason than to honor a special person? The alive person can help to plan what she wants, and her friends would help to make it happen. Stories of her past, her dreams, shared experiences, glimpses of who she is now, pictures of her in her youth, would be shared. What a delightful way to mark a moment - for no other reason than to honor a friend while she is still with us!

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