Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Oscar - the Academy Awards

The Academy Awards were presented on Sunday evening. Spectacular gowns and pencil thin women were the usual eye candy. Unusual was a woman winning in directing a film, some plus size women, and increasing ethnic diversity.

What really caught my imagination and marked the entire evening for me were the presenters for the Best Woman Actor and the Best Man Actor. I remember this happening last year and it was the best part of the evening then, and again this year.

If you didn't see the Academy Awards, this is what happened. When the time came to announce the nominees for Best Actor, and there were 5 nominees for men and 5 more for women, a colleague came onto the stage and talked about his/her nominee. Every presentation was different, heartfelt, personal and affirming. By the time these mini speeches were finished, I was nearly in tears hearing about the actors from their friends. I had the feeling that each person was a winner - even if they didn't receive an Oscar that night. The spotlight beamed with radiance on the actor during those moments as they received special tribute. I love the idea that all these gifted actors were given credit for a job well done - whether or not they won. It almost didn't matter after that.

The Academy marked the moment is a special way, because all were honored individually, even though there was just one Oscar given away. Go Academy!

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