Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Conscious Closure

I have just completed a week away from home where I rode my horse with an instructor of my choice - thanks to a grant from the United Stated Dressage Federation. It was an amazing once in a life time experience.

What I am doing now is taking the time to draw in the pieces of this exceptional week to consciously wrap it up. Why is this important? When I go through a larger than normal experience, I can process and integrate it better if I take some time to go over what happened, and also to tidy up my life upon return. What I mean by this is that I wash the clothes, write thank yous, clean up the trailer and camper, all the small details that actually finish the project. By leaving loose ends and jumping right into the daily life grind, parts of the event can get lost in the shuffle. Doing the grunt work of washing reminds me of what I wore during my lessons and I still smell the barn and horses on the clothing. Writing thank you notes to those who helped me along the way keeps me grateful for the assistance I had making this experience a reality. In this case, I am also required to write an article about the adventure as part of the grant. This discipline adds another dimension of integrating the value of what I have just completed. Small pieces of deconstruction aid in closing a chapter with a complete ending, rather than leaving the story incomplete and dangling.

I invite you to remember to take time to put conscious closure to experiences in your life that touch you in a special way. It doesn't have to be a big deal, just a clear vision that you have finished a significant happening in your life. Be it a death of a loved one, a life transition, or a significant birthday - trust the process of conclusion. Close the book with the ending fully realized.

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