Sunday, June 6, 2010

Neverending Journey

This story in our newspaper caught my eye. This man knew how to keep traveling even after he was gone.

Karl was a local science teacher and track coach. He and his wife loved to travel. After having a debilitating stroke, his travel days were over, yet he and his wife relived the adventures they had experienced together through sharing the stories.

The two of them decided that there was no reason that his adventures couldn't continue - at least in spirit. After his death and cremation, his wife put Karl's ashes into many small green pill bottles. She invited friends who were traveling to take a bit of Karl on their trip and drop him off is some foreign land. He laughed as they thought about this ahead of time, saying, "I won't even have to pay for an airline ticket."

So far he has been on an African safari, run a marathon in Athens, visited the forests of Germany, found the tip of Tierra del Fuego, glimpsed the Amalfi coast in Italy, hiked in Arizona and the story is not finished. There are still more bits of Karl who yearn to see even more of the world. His wife invites people to take him along whenever they are having a travel adventure.

His wife has a map of the world on her wall at home. Each time a person takes Karl on a trip, she has a push pin to mark where he was left.

This man had a quirky vision and put it into action with the help of his wife. His family has been enjoying Karl's travels, and laugh and think about all the trips he is still taking. Karl is still marking moments even after his death.

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