Thursday, July 15, 2010

Highs and Lows

I have been away for a few weeks having a fabulous holiday walking Hadrian's Wall in England. Fifteen people (including my 4 month old granddaughter and her three year old sister) walked the 85 miles all across the country. Everyday we would walk about 11-12 miles from one incredible bed and breakfast to the next - with a van taking our luggage. All we needed to carry was our lunch and rain gear, which we never needed.

In the evenings we would convene for dinner and play the hi/low game. The three year old loves this game, so it's appropriate for most age levels. Each person has the opportunity to answer the two questions: What was the low point of your day? What was the high point of your day? This may not seem like earth shaking material, but it does offer connection. Sometimes we realized that a person's blisters were getting the best of them. Another person might have left their thermos at the last lodge. Sometimes we could help each other by knowing where the low points were.

For me hearing the high points helped me open my perspective. I have my personal focuses and miss things because I am used to my view of the world. When I heard what others noticed or felt, my world broadened and the next day I would find myself more aware of my surroundings and relationships.

I recommend this simple "game" for any occasion where you are having a shared activity. It' s amazing how differently people view the same experience. It's cheap, easy and allows everyone to participate (except maybe the four month old!).