Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Blooming Birthday

My friend Yvonne turned 60 this year - what to do for her.

I thought a lot about her and where she is in her life right now. What would bring her joy? I like the theme of 60 somethings and that helps to focus the intention. I thought of 60 pieces of candy - no; 60 CD's - too many; 60 candles - way too many seeing them altogether; then I thought of 60 flowers. Better than flowers would be bulbs that could go into the garden in the fall and voila, in the spring, there would be another birthday surprise of 60 tulips dancing with color and life. I decided that asking a birthday person to plant 60 bulbs wasn't fair. Birthdays need to be easy, so the gift included me planting them all. Yvonne needsed to choose the space and I would come with my bulb digger and insert the little gems into the ground.Yvonne seemed delighted with the idea and is already anticipating the spring show.
By taking a little time to think about your friend, you will be surprised at the clever ideas that will emerge. Keep your imagination open so the unexpected can flow in. Choosing a theme - a color, the number of years of the birthday person, a hobby, a pet, a particular room in a house or apartment, books, - can help to narrow the field. I find it such a delight when I finally stumble on the right idea. It seems like a gift to me to find a gift for another.