Monday, February 21, 2011

What Can Happen to a Sparkle Queen

I must confess that I am a sparkle queen. I carry small sticky sparkles with me most everywhere I go. I usually wear one on my neck and if someone comments on it, then I can share a tiny bling with them.

Over the years I have found that these little gems have a mind of their own and can turn up in interesting and unusual places when they vacate your neck - or wherever a person decides to put them.

Today was a tickle day for me with regards to the little sparkles. We are leaving town tomorrow, which meant that I was doing laundry. I did four loads - one dark clothes, sheets, one delicates and one of the white stuff. When I was folding up my husbands athletic socks, what did I behold but a tiny bling attached to the bottom of his clean sock. The little sparkle had made it all the way through the washer and the dryer and came out looking better than ever.

I must admit I broke out into a smile...even a chuckle... at finding this little gift. It must mean that there is humor in the Universe. It comes in unexpected places and lifts our spirits. There may not be any meaning. I just wanted to share this sweet story with you.

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