Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I have introduced you to my 104 your old friend, Victor, from previous stories. This is the latest adventure with him. He is in his closing days on this earth - with one foot in our world and one foot in the next - yet he still loves company and can communicate in his own way.

A couple of weeks ago my string quartet and I went over to play a Haydn quartet for him. It is a little tricky to think about what I can do for him at this time in his life. His eye sight is gone. His hearing is keen and he has a love of classical music. Bringing the music to him was an interesting possibility. The day was glorious. His room is a generous one, but a bit on the small side to hold an entire quartet with stands, plus the intensity of the focused sound in that live room might have been a bit much on his senses. We set up outside his open windows and played for him. He could hear it all from the cozy comfort of his bed and we were seated in the lovely yard in the sunshine.

As I went in to say good bye to him, he lay there for a minute, then said, "I feel cherished."

We were all touched by that little statement. It summed it all up!

Finding a way to share is worth the effort. You offer what you can and let go of the outcome. In this case our payment in the form of that little statment was more gratifying than I could have ever imagined. Let your heart lead your way.