Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Going Away Party

Sara was moving away. At her going away party, her sister-in-law made up a clothes line with an airplane on one end and a mile marker on the other. She also made up little post card sized suitcases with a string attached, so everyone could write her a message and they were tied to the line - a simple way that friends and family could send best wishes to Sara as she started her new life. She could save the cards and read them when she got lonesome and know that she was loved and supported as she started a new adventure.

Simple, effective, inexpensive - a delightful way to send Sara off. I didn't hear, but I do hope each person was able to read their note out loud, because the witnessing of the wishes becomes even more meaningful when shared.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Today's Saints

My husband and I attend a small Methodist church in our town. We have a new minister who is bringing us delightful insights and perspectives. Read about what happened yesterday.

We were celebrating All Saint's Day (normally November 1st). In the front of the church as we walked in was a very large bare tree branch - no leaves at all. In the bulletin everyone found two paper cut out autumn leaves (yellow and orange). Our assignment was to write the names of the saints in our lives - not just the ones from history, but ones who we have known. We then were instructed to attach them to the tree. By the end of the service our bare canvas was a cheerful expression of important people who have passed on and influenced each of us in a

special way.

This was a lovely ritual/expression of remembrance - new to our congregation, but received with joy, increasing awareness, and appreciation of the saints who have resided close to us. For me it was an unexpected meaningful moment. I am so used to planning them that when one was sprung on me, I was thoroughly enchanted - and from an arena where I wasn't expecting it. We can create unique occasions when we become aware of the many opportunities that present themselves on a regular basis. Keep your eyes open, and you may be surprised where you find them and what they are.