Thursday, January 12, 2012

Resolutions in the Sand

I know it is a bit after the New Year proper, but I want to share this delightful story. You can put the idea into action anytime you are ready think about your resolutions.

Some friends of ours have an annual tradition of going to the beach at low tide on New Year's Day. Yes, I know. Not all of have beaches with low tides that we can access, but be creative and see what you can devise for yourself. They then write on the sand what they want to let go of in their life right now, and what they want to bring in. It takes them most of a tide and the beach is filled with writing. The couple started this tradition before they had children, and now they have three. All of them attend to this yearly ritual. By the high tide the thoughts are erased and sent away to where they need to go - to manifest at a later time.

For me there is something deeply cosmic about using the earth's rhythm to connect with human wishes and desires. Somehow it all seems appropriate and organic to blend the two. For those who don't have beaches, perhaps find a place where you can write where the rain will wash away the notes. Be creative to think of what nature can provide you to whisk away your resolutions and return them to the Universe for processing.

Let me know how this works for you.