Wednesday, March 21, 2012

More Hi's and Lows

My husband and I just finished a 2 week trip kayaking in the Northern Patagonian fjords in Chile. We were with a group of 12 paddlers. The only person we knew was one of the guides. We set up our tents on the beaches in the rain. A local 50 foot Chilean designed boat acted as our Mother ship, where our meals were served - and it was a dry spot.
The first night out at dinner I mentioned to the group the hi/low idea - where each person is invited to look at their day and share the high point and the low point. All decided that it was a good idea and we continued to do it every dinner. This small ritual added a lovely personal dimension to a shared experience. We all see life through different lenses and as we told about our day, the experience was broadened for all. Even some of the lows were taken care of - like a person who was frustrated b/c they forgot their headlamp and someone had an extra. A window was opened for a group who didn't know each other to have an easy and personal way to connect.
Again the magic of taking a few minutes to hear each other's voices added a special touch to an already incredible experience.
The sketch is of a black necked swan from my journal. We didn't see them in the fjords, but on the island of Chiloe where we visited for another few days after the kayaking - so many birds that we don't see here in North America.