Friday, July 27, 2012

Children's Olympics

When I was at my physical therapy appointment yesterday, I asked Shannon if she was excited about the Olympics which begin today. She told me about the Children's Olympics that she and her sister designed for their kids.

Shannon has two boys, ages three and five. Her sister has two two year old twin boys. The moms try to get together for a play date several times a month and set a theme for the day. This week's theme was the Olympics. They made flags, had an opening ceremony, then had events for the boys to try - running, long jumping, gymnastic bars, sports that they could experience and were appropriate for their age group.

I smiled when I heard about this event. It is a small gesture, but big on impact for the kids as they will understand more of what will happen in the next two weeks. Shannon instinctively marked this moment for her children and helped them connect to the actual sports and get a feel for the global perspective with the flags of the different countries.

This gathering didn't take much money. It did take intention and some planning for age appropriate activities. What a great way to start off the Olympic season!