Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Magic Christmas Tree

This is really a Christmas story even though we are in January. Put on your imaginations and go with it.

When our family was biking the Erie Canal in May, we stopped at various bed and breakfasts along the way. Each of them were unique and we heard lots of stories. This story, of what I call the magic Christmas tree, is my favorite.

The owners lived on several acres which included wooded areas, but there were no Christmas trees  on the property. They had a couple of youngish grandchildren who lived near by. One year in December, the owners bought a cut tree and planted it in their back yard - well - not really planted it because it was cut. They dug a hole and put the trunk in deep enough that it looked like it was growing there. The grandchildren were then invited to go look around to property to see if they could find a Christmas tree. They delighted in searching here and there until they discovered it. The parents came with their saw and cut down the tree for a second time. The kids never knew that this had been planted just for them. They just knew they were looking for the magical Christmas tree that was there every year - yes - it became a tradition.Other activities surrounded the tree search - hot cocoa, getting out the tree lights, unpacking the  decorations.

I was charmed by the creative and practical solution to getting their tree - making it into a magical experience. I bet the kids didn't even care when they found out that it had been planted, because the whole experience was such fun.

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