Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Weekly Postcards

Andrea's grandson, Thomas, moved away with his dad to another part of the country.  Andrea was devastated that her grandson was gone and out of her life. She agonized about what she could do to stay connected with him in a situation where she wasn't really invited. She found out his address and proceeded to write him a postcard every week for many years. She would collect cards so she would have them on hand. She wrote about what was happening at her house. She told about where she lived and what she was doing. She made the effort to connect him with people that loved him even though they were separated. She heard nothing from him until one day, when he was a man, he showed up on her doorstep wanting to get to know her. She was shocked to see him after all those years, yet ready to take him into her life in person and begin to develop a relationship.

The perseverance that Andrea demonstrated to Thomas showed that she cared about him in spite of the circumstances. Apparently the love that came through those notes settled in his heart and he wanted to know who that person was who so diligently communicated with him. Thus began a new chapter for all of them.

Andrea accepted her situation, yet was unwilling to let her grandson slip away unnoticed. She figured out a way to keep the thread of love going between them with the postcards. It didn't cost much. It did require dedication and a little time. Andrea didn't know where it would all lead. She just knew she had to do something proactive. And in this case, this story has a happy ending.

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