Friday, February 1, 2013

Chain messages

As a Christmas present this year for my 95 year old mom, our daughter gave her a fairly good sized, light weight box. In it was a long chain - like the ones kids make out of construction paper for the Christmas tree. Instead of ordinary solid colored paper, Katie, our daughter, had collected at least 60 kinds of wonderful artsy papers - some wrapping paper, some handmade, some cut from a magazine. On each of them she wrote my mom a little message: a thought, a remembrance, a wish. There were about 2 to 3 a week until mom's birthday at the end of May. Where she would have Scotch taped the chain together, she put a little sticky white paper with the date on it. Mom looks each day to see if she has a message for that day, then reads it, smiles and thinks of Katie.

What an amazing, thoughtful  labor of love. When you have a grandma as old as my mom, you sometimes wonder what it is that a person can do for her. Katie thought about her grandma and what might make her happy, connect the two of them and came up with this delightful idea. I think implementing the idea got to be more than she planned, but she followed through. Each day I watch the delight mom has as she reads her message. She then puts it back into the lovely box.

Katie is an inspiration for thinking carefully about a loved one - in this case specifically for a Christmas present. It didn't take a lot of money, because she kept her eyes open for the small papers, which would show up here and there unexpectedly, then spent the time to think of all the messages. Truly an amazing gift from the heart.

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