Monday, February 18, 2013

Grandpa's Throw

Jim and I were visiting our friend, Beth, in Tucson. Her husband's dad had recently passed away and the usual clean out of the house needed to be addressed. While working in the closet, Beth decided to keep all of Grandpa's shirts. She decided to cut them up and make throws (small quilts that you keep on your sofa). She then decided that it would be even better if she could find photos of family members with Grandpa, transfer the picture to fabric and include them in the quilt.

Beth made five of them - for her two children, one for herself and husband, and a niece and nephew. All the pictures were different as she found photos of Grandpa with each of the recipients. She even color coded the shirts - trying to match enough shirt colors to have some artistic flow to the throws. There are even some button flaps included.

This is a major labor of love, yet also allows Beth a positive way to process Grandpa's passing - using her talent to bring together elements of the man and share him in a unique  way with  his grandchildren. The family will constaqntly feel his warm and loving presence with them when they snuggle into this quilt of love and family history.

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