Monday, February 25, 2013

Hometown Heroes

Some thirteen years ago, our local paper began a monthly feature called Hometown Heroes. The intention is to  tell about individuals who have made a difference in our community and share their philosophy of life, so that the rest of of us can be inspired . So often we think of heroes as folks who we see on the news and in major magazines, yet in our midst are people who quietly contribute to the well being of local area.

Susan Knickerbocker came up with this idea. She had a dream one night describing in detail the format and what needed to be in the column. She contacted the paper and met with the editor, who ultimately accepted the idea. Susan hadn't necessarily thought that she would be writing it, but that's how it has turned out.  

This is my favorite part of our paper - focusing on the good in people who are like the rest of us. My soul needs good news and it needs knowing that there are people close at hand doing the work of supporting our community in countless ways.

Even if you don't have a monthly feature in your local paper, think about who you might consider as a hometown hero. When you look around your community and family with this in mind, you may be surprised at what you find.

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