Monday, February 4, 2013

Prayer Flags

I am heading off to the Dominican Republic in a month to work at a school which is sponsored by a Lutheran Church in the States. As part of a team of 12 women from all over the US, we have been asked to bring Spanish books to  leave in the school's library, read about poverty, and each take a turn doing devotions in preparation for our trip. The devotions part made me think hard about what I wanted to offer the school and my fellow travelers. That's when the idea of the prayer flags came to me.

The plan is to take fabric squares along with Sharpie permanent colored pens (comes in 12 colors). At the beginning of our week I'll pass out the fabric and pens, with the direction of being aware of what each woman wants to offer in terms of prayer for the school. By the end of the week they can put that thought on the flag in the form of words or pictures or poems - or whatever comes into their  hearts. At our devotion time each person is invited to show her flag and tell about it. We'll put them onto a rope and hang them somewhere at the school.

I also want to leave the pens and extra squares so that students can make their own flags and add them to ours.

Since this hasn't happened yet, I am hoping that I can take a real time picture of what we do and share that when I get back.

It is interesting to write about this plan before it takes place. I can get excited about an idea before it ever happens. It gives me pleasure just thinking about it. I work at putting out the offering without too much expectation, but let the heart of the project unfold. It seems like most things take on a life of their own when they are presented - and I imagine that will happen in this case as well. Stay in touch for the rest of the story!

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