Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Valentine's gift suggestion

As the Big Day approaches for you to show extra love to your loved one (s), are you starting to panic? It's an emotional expectation day! What to do?

I do have one small suggestion that might encourage you. It is lovely to receive flowers, chocolate, and material gifts. They are always an option, but not too original. Take some time to think about your loved one. In this case I am thinking about what she does for you to make your life easier. Does he do daily chores? Does she make dinner? Does he wash the cars? Does she clean the house? Does he walk the dog? Does she take the kids to ballet lessons? In most relationship there is a division of labor and sometimes the jobs get to be a chore. I am suggesting that you might want to surprise your person and do the chores for her. Clean that house or hire someone to do it. Wash and detail that car or have it done. Lift the load  for just one day.....you may realize how much your person does for you to make your life more pleasant. You are giving the gift of appreciation - and that goes a long way.

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