Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Moments Finding Me

I am just home from a service/learning trip to the Dominican Republic. Our reason for going was to help out and observe at the Doulos Discovery School in Jarabacoa. The week was amazing and incredible on many levels: we painted a classroom, left books for several libraries, had dinners in the homes of families whose children are attending the school, took a class on Strength Finders with the staff of the school, visited Spirit Mountain Coffee Plantation, made prayer flags and left them hanging at the school, planted plants around the new classrooms, created a mural on a wall in a public school classroom in the high mountains, enjoyed created community with the group of women - and I could go on and on - all in 8 days, The smiles of the children, the hospitality of the families, the patience of the staff, all touched us deeply. What I realized last night, as I lay in my own bed at home, is that I wasn't making the moments on this trip - meaning that I wasn't creating special things to happen. The moments were marking me - leaving indelible impressions on my heart. I was noticing and  allowing life to flow through me and registering the happenings as special. This hightened awareness also has an important place in our way of being in the world. That doesn't mean we can't step up to mark important milestones. It says to me that there is magic around all the time. It's there when we decide we can open our eyes to take it all in. An unexpected gift from the trip.

This little donkey has just finished carrying two 50 pound bags of coffee beans AND a person down the mountain to where they take the hulls off the beans. What a trooper he is!

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