Monday, April 22, 2013

An Appreciation Circle

 My brother-in-law stopped by yesterday and told me this lovely story. He is on the board of a Gospel mission in a nearby town. One of the longtime board members was retiring after many years of service and connection with the program and other board members. The chair person asked the group what they could do to honor their retiree. Dave spoke up telling the group of the tradition of circling and expressing appreciations for special occasions that we do in our family. The chair person immediately resonated with the idea put the plan into action. She didn't even "introduce" the idea. She set up the chairs. led off with what she wanted to say and very easily and comfortably everyone in the group was able to share their gratitude for what this man had contributed to their mission. It was better than a plaque. Everyone participated. Each person had his/her own view of the retiree and a lovely verbal picture was painted of this man. All hearts were warmed in the process and the intention of the board was further solidified.

They didn't do anything extra - like a centering table - or a candle bowl - or a flower vase - or instructions. They simply took off with the idea and it worked beautifully..

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