Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Family Cradle

My husband (Jim)'s family has had cradle that has been passed down for five generations - starting with the era of his great grandparents and their siblings. It isn't the fanciest cradle in the world - more functional than glamorous. Somehow it has taken front stage for all these years as the place to be when you are born. It gets passed all over the country depending on who wants it and needs it at the moment. Our two daughters spent their beginning days in it as well.
Jim and I picked up the cradle recently in Reno where it had been awaiting the next baby. The call came from south Seattle (near where we live) from Jim's cousin's son - he and his wife are expecting. He had been in the cradle himself when he was young and his mom encouraged him to track it down. We brought it home and on Mother's Day, the expecting couple came by to pick it up. It brought back memories of our kids using it . Jim's sister-in-law made a list of everyone she knew who had used it and I know there are a lot more.

We were just lucky to be a part of this long tradition. Traditions need to start somewhere. Maybe now is the time for you and your family to find a special item to tag and share - a child's chair, a small table, a book, something that you have cherished or even discover and offer it to those who come after you. Our daughter had a little chair. When she had her daughter, I put both names on the bottom when I passed it on to the next generation. We'll see what happens from here. It isn't too late to think about starting something like this. It's a question of awareness and putting it out, then seeing what happens. It sure is fun being a part of a long lineage.